Classic Mysteries

A schoolgirl disappears, some dangerous chemicals are stolen and a couple of teachers are murdered - and an amazing secret is uncovered that could be a powerful motive for murder.

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The old murder looked like a very cold case for Dalziel and Pascoe - until the new murders started to happen.

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A biblio mystery set in a world-class library amid some very peculiar talk about the perfect murder.

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Murder among the quarrelsome residents at Presteignton Spa in this Golden Age classic.

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Murder in fourteenth century London: an impossible murder inside a locked room, set against the nightmarish backdrop of the great Peasant Uprising which was about to shake England.

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The pilot was alone in his small plane when he crashed - but the evidence showed he was dead before the crash.

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The coroner called it suicide. The nuns called it accident. Mrs. Bradley knew it was murder.

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Many people witnessed the murder...yet nobody could say for sure exactly what happened - except, of course, for Miss Jane Marple, who saw the truth only too well.

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Photographer Kent Murdock shot pictures of the victim - but when the body disappeared, somebody also stole the photographer's films and camera gear.

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Murder in front of witnesses, murder in front of the police, murder inside locked rooms - there was something very wrong with Cypress Villa...

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Robert Saunderson was a thoroughly bad person - and nobody mourned his death. But who was the owner of those crystal beads - and what was their significance?

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Robert Barnard's first mystery is filled with dark humor and savage satire of academia and of Australia.

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The body of a nude man is discovered in a storage locker inside the Split Point Lighthouse in Australia. There are no clues. Sounds like another case for Detective Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte...

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Includes "The Lamp of God," one of the best short locked room stories ever written: Ellery Queen must figure out how an entire house can disappear.

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Why would a young society woman like Violet Strange secretly take up the profession of a detective, helping the police solve difficult mysteries? These linked stories by Anna Katharine Green picture an America of a century ago and an early female detective more than able to do a job very few women were doing at the time.

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Henry Gamadge was asked to look over the murdered author's papers. But what really interested him was the strange behavior of the victim's family.

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Mike Shayne's visitor was sure she was going to murder her mother. Mike even had to stop her from jumping out the window of his office. But when murder happened, was she really guilty? A hard-boiled classic.

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All the evidence pointed to the young man as a murderer. But that failed to explain the shrieking heard from the pit, or the mysterious White Lady - or why the accused man refused to say anything in his own defense.

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Arsene Lupin, the "gentleman-thief" so highly regarded by French mystery readers, tackles an unusual case of kidnapping and murder carried out in a most unusual and mysterious house.

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The driver of the hansom cab was shocked to discover that his passenger was dead - apparently murdered by another man who had left him there. It was quite a challenge for the Australian police.

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Two cousins who detest each other take a trip together up the river Thames in a small boat - and then one disappears...

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Twentieth century Detective Superintendent John Cheviot is transported back in time to solve an impossible murder committed in 1829.

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Miss Pongleton was unpleasant. Miss Pongleton was vindictive. Was that why Miss Pongleton was dead - strangled with her own dog's leash on a stairwell on the London Underground's Northern Line?

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A sudden death, a mysterious cipher that could not be broken, and strange goat-like footprints all combine to terrorize a young woman in a remote house.

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Cornelia Potts was the unpleasant old woman in the shoe, and some of her six children clearly were mad. Mad enough to murder? That's what Ellery Queen needed to find out.

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What secret caused a doctor to disappear from his home without any warning - or several other people apparently to vanish as well? Scotland Yard's Inspector French will find himself challenged when murder enters the picture.

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We begin with the stage magic illusion of a headless lady - and quickly cross the line into murder, and the Great Merlini becomes the prime suspect.

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There was poison in the chalice when the initiate drank it - but how could it have gotten there? An early puzzle for Detective Inspector Roderick Alleyn.

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Generally defined as the years between the two world wars of the 20th century, the Golden Age of Detective Fiction was shaped and defined by the authors who made up Britain's prestigious Detection Club. Martin Edwards tells their story.

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Children are being poisoned by belladonna from the berries of the nightshade plant. Henry Gamadge must figure out who is doing it, and how - and why.

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Miss Pym is charmed by the students at Leys Physical Training College for Women - until the unthinkable happens.

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Here's a collection of classic mystery short stories about vacations - and about sleuths and criminals on vacation, too.

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Who murdered American industrialist Horatio Leavenworth? All the evidence seemed to point one way - but it took detective Ebenezer Gryce to discover what was really going on.

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The man who went overboard might have murdered somebody. But he had managed to alienate just about everybody who sailed with him on board the ship. Was he really a murderer - or was he somebody else's victim?

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Six short stories introducing Reginald Fortune, a doctor pressed into service as a specialist in crime-solving.

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Cut off from the rest of the world by a howling blizzard, the guests at Hunting's End were all too aware that there was a murderer among them - and one who would have no hesitation about killing again.

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About the only thing Appleby could be sure of was that College President Josiah Umpleby must have been shot by one of the very few people who had keys to the College Grounds - and they were all Fellows of the College...

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The dinner guests all heard the sound of the shot. The police thought the killer was easily identified. And then a detective named Colwyn found that it wasn't all as easy as it might seem.

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The lovers appeared to have committed suicide together. Just two sets of footprints led from the house to the edge of the cliff. Only when the bodies were recovered from the sea, it became clear that both had been murdered. And that had to be impossible. One of John Dickson Carr (writing as Carter Dickson)'s most ingenious plots for Sir Henry Merrivale.

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Somebody took a potshot at the Santa Rican Vice Consul in Nice - and managed to kill Major Cartwright instead. Did the wrong man get shot? Jane and Dagobert Brown investigate in this screwball comedy-mystery.

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The victim was undoubtedly insane. The murder was most probably justified. So the question, to Roger Sheringham, became: can we fool the police into thinking it was suicide?

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The stolen statue of a Minoan snake goddess lures History Professor Theocritus Lucius Westborough to a department store magnate's private island off the California coast. He arrives just in time for the murder...

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The midget's name was Jay Otto. He loved to make people hate him, just as he hated everybody around him. And if he was trouble when he was alive, wait till you see what happened after he was murdered.

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John Rother drove away on vacation - and disappeared. His car was found with bloodstains. And then the bones began turning up. Superintendent Meredith weighs the grim evidence in this Golden Age classic.

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It took a trick to persuade Nero Wolfe to get involved in the case. When he did, it proved to be too bad for a determined killer.

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Anthropologist Penny Spring and Archeologist Sir Toby Glendower, encounter murder and mystery in the remote Scottish highlands.

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Wally Carter may not have been a very good husband to his wife, Ermyntrude - but Inspector Hemingway wondered if there was another reason why somebody decided to shoot him.

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Grettry Road was a dead-end street - the perfect place to stumble over the dead body of the air raid warden!

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A man is shot dead in his own house - and the investigation is handed over to Damon Gaunt, a blind detective who has never failed to unravel even the most tangled murder case.

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Chief Detective Inspector Roderick Alleyn tackles a case of blackmail and murder among England's social elites.

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Was the killer who terrorize Frazer's Mills a passing psychopath - or someone much closer to home?

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Detective Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte must use all his skills, inherited from his Aborigine mother and Caucasian father, to rescue a dangerous group of prisoners and lead them across hundreds of miles of wilderness.

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