Classic Mysteries

A classic Golden Age "country house" mystery, originally published in 1937, the family patriarch takes a night-time stroll near a cliff...and falls to his death. Then his heir is shot to death...and HIS heir finds himself under deadly attack...

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A vintage Golden Age mystery from 1935, set in Oxford at all-female Persephone College: a group of undergraduates tackle the murder of a most unpopular Bursar.

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Sir Henry Merrivale takes on a murderous plot at a British film studio that may involve espionage.

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Lord Peter Wimsey is the archetypal Golden Age aristocratic amateur sleuth. In "Whose Body?" he must discover the identity of the man's body found in a bathtub, wearing only a pair of golden pince-nez glasses.

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A new Albert Campion mystery, based on the character created by Margery Allingham and continued by her widower, Pip Youngman Carter. When Carter died, he left the first four chapters of a new Campion novel, and author Mike Ripley has now completed that novel - and it's well worth reading.

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