Classic Mysteries

The man who went overboard might have murdered somebody. But he had managed to alienate just about everybody who sailed with him on board the ship. Was he really a murderer - or was he somebody else's victim?

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Six short stories introducing Reginald Fortune, a doctor pressed into service as a specialist in crime-solving.

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Cut off from the rest of the world by a howling blizzard, the guests at Hunting's End were all too aware that there was a murderer among them - and one who would have no hesitation about killing again.

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About the only thing Appleby could be sure of was that College President Josiah Umpleby must have been shot by one of the very few people who had keys to the College Grounds - and they were all Fellows of the College...

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The dinner guests all heard the sound of the shot. The police thought the killer was easily identified. And then a detective named Colwyn found that it wasn't all as easy as it might seem.

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