Classic Mysteries

The lovers appeared to have committed suicide together. Just two sets of footprints led from the house to the edge of the cliff. Only when the bodies were recovered from the sea, it became clear that both had been murdered. And that had to be impossible. One of John Dickson Carr (writing as Carter Dickson)'s most ingenious plots for Sir Henry Merrivale.

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Somebody took a potshot at the Santa Rican Vice Consul in Nice - and managed to kill Major Cartwright instead. Did the wrong man get shot? Jane and Dagobert Brown investigate in this screwball comedy-mystery.

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The victim was undoubtedly insane. The murder was most probably justified. So the question, to Roger Sheringham, became: can we fool the police into thinking it was suicide?

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The stolen statue of a Minoan snake goddess lures History Professor Theocritus Lucius Westborough to a department store magnate's private island off the California coast. He arrives just in time for the murder...

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The midget's name was Jay Otto. He loved to make people hate him, just as he hated everybody around him. And if he was trouble when he was alive, wait till you see what happened after he was murdered.

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John Rother drove away on vacation - and disappeared. His car was found with bloodstains. And then the bones began turning up. Superintendent Meredith weighs the grim evidence in this Golden Age classic.

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