Classic Mysteries

The British Library Crime Classics series brings back a mystery by John Bude, a once-popular, now almost completely forgotten author, whose entertaining books deserve a new generation of readers.

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Asey Mayo, the "Codfish Sherlock," tackles a murder case at a charity auction on Cape Cod, where the bidders hoped to find hidden treasure - and came up with a corpse instead.

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All of Dorothy L. Sayers' short stories are collected here - stories with the aristocratic Lord Peter Wimsey, stories with traveling salesman Montague Egg, and a variety of stories of mystery and suspense from one of the best writers of England's Golden Age of Detective Fiction.

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The murder of Mrs. Rockcliff was a terrible thing. But perhaps even more terrible was the disappearance of the victim's newborn baby - the fifth such disappearance in Mitford. Detective Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte - Bony, to his friends - knew that the baby-snatchings had to take precedence over solving the murder.

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An "old battle-ax" of a narrator, Adelaide Adams, tells this story about murder in a hotel in an American southern city. It's a masterpiece of the "Had I But Known" school, told with charm, wit and humor.

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