Classic Mysteries

Chief Inspector Hemingway had too much help from the amateur detectives trying to solve the murder. But then, as one character observed, "Between you and me and the gate-post, there’s a bit too much amateur detection going on in Thornden!"

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Dr. Gideon Fell plays armchair detective to unravel the mystery of a murder aboard ship, an impossible disappearance, a stolen artifact, some highly compromising film, a dangerous criminal, all adding up to a zany comedy about a deadly serious crime.

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Amateur detective Philo Vance finds that a Scottish terrier and some Chinese pottery hold the key to a baffling murder in a locked and bolted room.

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Nero Wolfe rarely leaves home - so when he travels to a luxury spa in West Virginia for a gourmet banquet, he is less than pleased to find himself in the middle of a murder case.

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