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Sir Henry Merrivale takes on a murderous plot at a British film studio that may involve espionage.

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Lord Peter Wimsey is the archetypal Golden Age aristocratic amateur sleuth. In "Whose Body?" he must discover the identity of the man's body found in a bathtub, wearing only a pair of golden pince-nez glasses.

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A new Albert Campion mystery, based on the character created by Margery Allingham and continued by her widower, Pip Youngman Carter. When Carter died, he left the first four chapters of a new Campion novel, and author Mike Ripley has now completed that novel - and it's well worth reading.

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Biblio expert Henry Gamadge was pretty sure that the lettering which appeared suddenly on an old engraving wasn't supernatural in origin. But he couldn't foresee that it would lead so suddenly to murder.

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A terrifying tale of a sort of murder game gone very wrong - one of the most terrifying of Dr. Fell's career.

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Meet Miriam Lea, one of the earliest female detectives in fiction. She appeared in this 1888 novel by Leonard Merrick, acting as a private investigator in Mr. Bazalgette's detective agency. Hired to find an absconding banker, she pursues her quarry all the way from England to South Africa - with several surprises along the way.

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The people in the ancient village of Saxon Wall had a number of unsavory secrets, which they hid rather imperfectly from any who wandered into the village. It took Mrs. Bradley quite a while to dig out the truths about what was really going on in the village - and who was responsible for some pretty chilling murders.

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Professor Quinn was obnoxious, to say the least. But who disliked him enough to poison his coffee? And how did the murderer put the poison in the Professor's cup without anyone seeing it happen? These are just a few of the questions New York City Police Lieutenant Sigrid Harald must answer in order to solve the mystery.

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Who would kill to uncover the secret of a small statuette of a Chinese goddess, the goddess of the green shiver?

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Judge Dee expected a relaxing few days off when he arrived in Rivertown on his way home. What he found instead was a gruesome murder, the theft of a pearl necklace, and a court intrigue that threatened the foundation of the Chinese empire.

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