Classic Mysteries (general)

Only Albert Campion stands between a gang of murderous thieves and their target - a priceless relic whose loss would be beyond catastrophe.

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What starts as a routine traffic accident turns into a murder case for lawyer Perry Mason and his hapless client.

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A department store is no place for a murder - too many suspects, far too many customers, and managers who care more about sales figures than dead bodies.

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Starlets, gangsters and secrets in the Hollywood of the late 1940s, as Philip Marlowe follows a trail that seems to have an awful lot of dead bodies littering the side of the road.

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A classic old-fashioned thriller by Edgar Wallace, where murder isn't necessarily the worst horror to be revealed in the mysterious tomb...

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The first of the Judge Dee mysteries written by Van Gulik, the judge must solve three interrelated crimes: the murder in the sealed room, the hidden testament, and the girl with the severed head.

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Ellery Queen follows the trail of a murderer whose victims are beheaded and crucified. He'll have to figure out why before he can discover who...

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Chief Inspector Hemingway had too much help from the amateur detectives trying to solve the murder. But then, as one character observed, "Between you and me and the gate-post, there’s a bit too much amateur detection going on in Thornden!"

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Dr. Gideon Fell plays armchair detective to unravel the mystery of a murder aboard ship, an impossible disappearance, a stolen artifact, some highly compromising film, a dangerous criminal, all adding up to a zany comedy about a deadly serious crime.

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Amateur detective Philo Vance finds that a Scottish terrier and some Chinese pottery hold the key to a baffling murder in a locked and bolted room.

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