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Finding the killer wasn't the hard part for Inspector Meredith - it was finding evidence that had him stumped.

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When an elderly woman witnesses a murder through the window of a passing train, nobody believes her - except Miss Jane Marple...

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The classic Greek philosopher Aristotle must solve the murder of a wealthy Athenian citizen - and, by doing so, clear the honor and the name of one of his former pupils.

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Monsieur Gallet was shot to death. Or perhaps he was stabbed. He was a salesman. Or possibly not. He died in Sancerre. But he should have been in Rouen. So much of what was known about the victim appeared to be wrong. It was quite a puzzle for Inspector Maigret. 

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In Victorian times, a curiosity about spiritualism drove many upper-middle class Englishmen and women to experiment with seances and the occult. Sometimes, those seances could cover up other crimes...and when one ends in murder, Sergeant Cribb must determine both who committed the murder - and why.

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Fifteen more stories by Edward D. Hoch featuring New England country doctor, Dr. Sam Hawthorne, as he solves locked room mysteries and seemingly impossible crimes.

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A forgotten classic of the American Golden Age, Anne Austin's "One Drop of Blood" is the story of a murder in an asylum for mentally ill patients. Was the killer one of the inmates? Or was it all part of an ingenious plot by a very sane murderer?

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A classic Golden Age "country house" mystery, originally published in 1937, the family patriarch takes a night-time stroll near a cliff...and falls to his death. Then his heir is shot to death...and HIS heir finds himself under deadly attack...

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A vintage Golden Age mystery from 1935, set in Oxford at all-female Persephone College: a group of undergraduates tackle the murder of a most unpopular Bursar.

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Sir Henry Merrivale takes on a murderous plot at a British film studio that may involve espionage.

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